The Wisdom Behind “Voluntary”

I realized there’s immeasurable worth to the word: voluntary.

I grew up following a religion that values charitableness, kindness, generosity.

As I typed a description of my unopened Etsy Store, I realized the immeasurable worth of charity. I immediately made a connection between voluntary and charity, yet not only in the realm of donations but in the realm of relationships and intentions.

Our love for others is voluntary. Our desires, passions, are voluntary. What drives our actions depends on our intentions. Are they for career advancement? Health? Financial wellness?

By loving others, we are generous with our love. By praising others, we are generous with our words, such as appreciative.

All the actions are voluntary and priceless —and the best part? Neither requires money.

For the financially poor, the ones who aspire to spend more on what they have, need not be discouraged if they cannot pay enough to give charity.

The students with excessive loans who cannot give need not feel discouraged.

Despite our financial situations, we can give.

Some of us may feel discouraged because the act of charity refers to the giving of money.

Yet, I must provide words of discretion: when you are given money, spend it for the cause of God. To me, it is a way to secure one’s faith and receive blessings for your wealth.

So, what now?


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